Make compost fun with the Rolypig Composter for home or school composting

Check out modern composting and see how the Rolypig composter can help primary school learning

Choice of 3 colours
Front view
Rear view
Rear scoop
Compost after four months

Composter for school and at home, with a twist in the tail! All prices include delivery to UK Mainland only.

Introducing the all-new Rolypig Composter for home or school

  • Check out these new Rolypig kitchen compost bin features. (Please note, would purchasers from Northern Ireland please call for latest shipping costs which are extra to your area, sorry!)

  • New construction composter moulded thick plastic throughout.
  • Easy to assemble using simple bolt-together procedure.
  • Higher capacity due to simplified internal layout.
  • New life-like eyes give amazing effect.
  • Designed for heavy use in any situation, eg public spaces, school yard composting.
  • UV protected plastic.
  • Delivery included for Mainland UK only. Please contact us for other areas, including Highlands & Islands
  • These are the best compost bins and are made to last! A cheap compost bin is not cheap for long.
  • Buy a matching compost caddy or kitchen compost bin too!
  • Follow up with a wormery for maximum efficiency.
  • Looking for a piece of artwork for your garden? Forget the sinister Penguin, get a Rolypig.

  • Its eye will follow you around and give the garden real character.
  • Science becomes Art!

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