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The Rolypig.com site covers the broad subject of making compost from all types of organic waste.

The authors of the site are:

Roy Gamlin Bsc with a depth of knowledge of the chemistry and biology involved in converting organic waste into useable compost.

Tom Gamlin, the original designer of the Rolypig compost tumbler, which is the only tumbler style composter that takes fresh ‘green’ waste in at one end and delivers fully made compost at the other.

The authors of this site have spent many years studying the complexities of turning ‘green’ waste into useable compost. It’s been a journey that has given rise to a specific style of compost tumbler which was to become the Rolypig composter.


Rolypig Ltd is a design and development company, started in 2003. Following development of the Rolypig Composter, from first principles of compost-making, the addition of a user-friendly animal character, namely, the pig, was a natural step towards the goal of encouraging more widespread local composting activity.

The kitchen compost bin is usually a basic vessel to contain the compost. But, unlike other composters, the Rolypig does bring the compost operation to life.

Based in Devon, UK, Rolypig Ltd, has supplied schools and homeowners with Rolypig composters over the years since this early development.

The educational aspect is always important in any beneficial environmental activity. Catch the users young, get them enthused and armed with sound scientific reasoning about the processes, then, they will carry the knowledge forward into action.

Rolypig Ltd took compost finishing a step further, with the design of a wormery called the Rolymole. Moles eat worms, of course, so to have a mole full of worms seemed a logical move!

Long testing of worm activity in compost, gave rise to a simplified system, where the worms live as they would in Nature, with minimal disturbance, in a robust environment, able to withstand most temperate weather conditions, without major worm loss.

A thorough understanding of the biological systems, in which normal decay and nutrient recycling occurs, has allowed the Company to innovate, whilst harnessing the Natural processes, for the benefit of users, day to day.

The Company strives to bring about the practical recycling of food and garden wastes, achievable in the normal urban settings that we, as a population, now find ourselves.

To do this at least energy cost, is best achieved locally, very locally, in everybody’s gardens, ideally. Soil organic matter is lost from cultivated borders and vegetable beds, year on year, so, the compost we generate, has a ready (local) home!

Composting into the future
Rolypig Ltd continues to innovate, re-think strategies for organic waste handling, and improve our product range, accordingly.

In a world where diesel fuel is still widely regarded as a the default energy source for transporting wastes all around, with hardly a second thought, it has to be a good use of time to consider what methods of waste handling would be possible, when this fuel is much less available.

Our new model Rolypig compost bin is simplified, supremely robust for use in public spaces, and designed for double the life of previous models (at least).

The all-new Rolypig Composter is a ‘work of art’. Choose the colour that matches the mood of your garden. Garden Art reaches new heights.

Made to last’ = efficient energy and resource use.

A composter for our time,’ and for the time to come.

Rolypig Ltd has a waste handling ‘tie-up’ with a new Indian Company, where fundamental principles are employed in a country that is already seeing that ‘local’ is best when it comes to waste handling. Composting in hot climates has its own challenges. Resources are scarce, so low cost composters and composting systems are needed.

Rolypig Ltd, Hookhays Farm, Shillingford, Tiverton, Devon. EX16 9BG  Tel 01398361656

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