Roy Gamlin Bsc

Can you put Citrus in compost?

Citrus fruits are an important part of most peoples’ diets but there are many who worry about the effect that citrus fruit peels may have on their compost. So, here we consider, what some feel, a potential problem and ask: can you put citrus in compost? You can put citrus in compost. Citrus material is
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Can you put paper towels in the compost?

Someone contacted and asked about putting paper towels in compost. Everyone uses paper towels, they are highly convenient and relatively cheap. Whenever there’s a spill it’s so easy to grab one from the roll to mop up and you’re done. But where do you dispose of it? All to often people throw it out
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Can you put broccoli in compost?

You can put broccoli in compost. Broccoli must be classed as nitrate-rich ‘greens’. Depending on how much broccoli you want to put in the compost, it may need to be balanced with carbon-based ‘browns’ to make successful compost. Hydrated white lime will improve your compost as a whole. Some people love it, others hate it.
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