Roy Gamlin Bsc

Can you grow strawberries indoors?

You can grow strawberries indoors all year round and avoid many of the problems that growing strawberries outdoors can bring. Strawberries are very weather-dependent. Growing them indoors gives you complete control. Indoors, you can determine the type of climate that strawberries need. So, let’s look at growing strawberries indoors and look at some of the
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Are indoor herb gardens worth it?

An indoor herb garden is worth having if you are regularly reaching for herb ingredients when cooking a variety of dishes. For those of us who have indoor herb gardens it’s extremely convenient to be able to put your hand out and grab a few leaves when we want them. The traditional way of growing
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Can you put Citrus in compost?

Citrus fruits are an important part of most peoples’ diets but there are many who worry about the effect that citrus fruit peels may have on their compost. So, here we consider, what some feel, a potential problem and ask: can you put citrus in compost? You can put citrus material in with the rest
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