Roy Gamlin

Rat proof garden. Is it possible?

To Home Page Also: What do rats not like?       What are rats afraid of? What are rats attracted to?       What are rats a sign of? What are rats associated with?       What are rats allergic to? What are brown rats?   Most people know that there are rats around, somewhere.
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How to deter rats from garden

To Home Page You can’t deter rats from coming into your garden but there are things that you can do that will deter them from staying. The simplest way to avoid a rat problem is to ensure that there is no food source available for them and remove cluttered material that can provide a harbour
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To Home Page What is composting? Composting is the converting of organic material that was once living into a black crumbly material which is of immense use as a natural fertilizer for growing plants. These could be flower plants or vegetables and the waste from these can then be turned into compost at a later
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