All about composting

Composting toilet

  Composting toilets appear to be all the rage among certain green-minded enthusiasts. When I’ve mentioned or suggested doing anything like this the usual response has been people turning their noses up and either they pretend they didn’t hear or quickly change the subject to something else. We prefer to turn a lever or push
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What is composting? Composting is the converting of organic material that was once living into a black crumbly material which is of immense use as a natural fertilizer for growing plants. These could be flower plants or vegetables and the waste from these can then be turned into compost at a later date. So with
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What goes in a compost bin?

Also: Can cooked pasta go in compost? You have a range of waste materials that turn up as general household waste but you may be wondering where to put what. Somethings can be recycled for manufacturing and used again e.g. plastics, but you need to know which materials can be turned into compost. So, what
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