All about composting

Can you grow your own mushrooms?

In a discussion I was having with someone about making compost from kitchen and garden waste, the question came up about whether we could use our own compost for growing our own mushrooms. I’ve always known that mushrooms will only grow when the conditions are exactly right and that they will grow if they have
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Can you put carrots in compost?

Here’s another vegetable that generates peel and trimmings. All of which can be fed to the pet rabbit. But what if you don’t have a rabbit to tidy this up. Can you put carrots in compost? Yes you can. Carrots will rot as fast as anything else when you put them into compost. We should
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Can I put eggs in the compost?

This isn’t something that’s going to happen many times but occasionally we’re going to be lumbered with the problem of having an egg or two that needs to be disposed of. There won’t be a problem if you put the odd egg in with compost. I’ve done it. I suspect most people have and I
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