Compare some other compost tumblers

105 Litre Tumbling Composter

by Best4garden

This comes as a kit and fits together with ease.

It has a locking mechanism which prevents ‘roll-back’ which tries to happen as you attempt to roll it when it starts to get full and heavy.

This is a solid looking construction and should last a good while.

It’s a single batch method of making compost, so at some point you will have to stop adding fresh waste and just turn it over regularly.

You will have to carry on turning it until the composting process is complete.

The alternative is to empty the entire contents into a static bin and allow it to become compost over time. This will free up the tumbler to use again.

It will hold 105litres (27.7 gallons or 3.7cubic feet).

Dimensions: Length 95cm / 37.4inches, Width 60cm / 23.6 inches, Height 84cm / 33.7 inches.

190 Litre Heavy Duty Garden Tumbling Composter

by Selections

This is a handy unit, being mobile you can move it if it’s in the way.

It’s mounted on a heavy duty steel frame and the drum is made from heavy duty 90% recycled plastic.

Dimensions: Length 99.5cm, Width 70cm, Height 90cm.

Built to last but how about the performance? This is another batch situation where there will have to be a close-off point. Some have commented about the material being too wet. This can be remedied by drilling a few small holes and don’t forget the lime.

Twin Chamber Tumbling Composter

by Good Ideas

Arrives in kit form and, by all accounts, not too difficult to assemble.

Each compartment holds 70litres.

This has twin compartments and gets the message that when one side is full it must be closed off. The other side is then filled.

We hope that by the time the second side is filled and has to be closed off the first side has turned into compost.

This could happen if the timing is long enough. It may be practical to have a number of these working in sequence, I can see that working well.

The addition of lime would improve the performance here.

Compost Tumbler Dual Chamber

by Parasene

This looks like a strong well built unit. It’s twin-chambered and they are both joined meaning that everything rolls together.

As with any twin unit, in principle this will work well as long as the filled chamber has enough time to convert to compost before filling the second chamber.

It arrives as a kit and some have found it a struggle to assemble.

Some who have used this have noted that the metal parts have rusted soon after starting to use it.

Capacity is 198 litres

As with the others, chop whatever needs to be chopped and use lime.


by Draper

This reminds me of those old butter churns. You unscrew the black lid to add the waste and then you must replace it securely because it has to be rolled end over end.

It has a capacity of 180 litres.

Be careful when rolling this because they have a habit of swinging back at you if the material inside is stuck in place.

It’s sure to give the contents a good mix and aerate it but this is a batch system.

If you are keen on the idea then you may need a number of these to work in sequence.

The Suncast ® TCB6800 Tumbling Composter

Another butter-churn type composter. It’s reasonably easy to assemble.

It has a lid each end for easy emptying and is mounted on a metal frame consisting of 1 inch diameter tubing.

You need a number of these to be able to close off the batch and keep turning to reach the desired output.

Be careful when rolling over this when it becomes full and heavy, if it slips from your grip and your chin is in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may get a clout.

The Lifetime Duel 189 Litre (50 Gallon) Dual Compost Tumbler

This is a twin tumbler arrangement on a substantial stand.

The metal stand is made from galvanized steel to protect it from the elements.

The vessels are double-walled, made of polyethylene and rotate independently.

The tumblers have extra large lids for easy loading and unloading.

The combined capacity of the two tumblers is 227 litres.

This is another example of good batching where one side has to be closed off before filling the other.

2-bin garden Composter, 2x350L rotating bins, ComposT-Twin

by Mantis

This is another twin compartment compost tumbler.

They are joined together and the whole barrel rotates by turning a handle using a low gear method. This is probably the main advantage that this unit has over similar systems.

This is a more industrial device with each chamber holding up to 25 cubic feet (350 litres).

Batch close-off can work well with this but to get the best from it you would need to chop any garden waste and use lime.

Given the size of it I will say that this is one of the better systems out there. It will take a reasonable length of time to fill a compartment, enough time for the contents of the other compartment to convert to compost.

The geared handle-turning system will help with this as it makes turning much easier and regular turning is more likely to happen.

As for removing the finished compost, the procedure couldn’t be more simple.

The claim that compost can be made in 14 days is optimistic but if I couldn’t get the Rolypig, this is the one that I would want.

Drum composter

by Wiltec

Another twin chamber composting tumbler, this will take 160 litres.

It has outer panels which provide insulation to encourage a suitable temperature level the compost mix.

It’s mounted on a solid frame.

It is an ideal arrangement to be able to close-off one chamber and start filling the other. The capacity here may well be enough for some to make this scale of composting work for them. Don’t forget to use lime.

Rotating Compost Bin

by Quickcrop

This is another batch-composting tumbler with all the constraints that batching brings.

The barrel sits on a stand with 4 roller wheels which allow for easy rolling.

It has a wide entrance for loading in waste and a tight fitting lid.

Dimensions: 77cm x 65cm x 56cm

Capacity: 200 litres

The Joraform JK 125 Compost Tumbler

This arrives as a kit and is relatively easy to assemble. The metal parts are galvanized and painted so it should last for a good while.

It’s dual chambered giving you the close-off option.

It has insulation to hold the heat in. The amount of heat generated by a small amount of compost won’t be much. It’s questionable whether insulation will make much difference but if it does accelerate the composting process this will be an advantage.

To get the best from this you will need to use lime.

The JK125 is designed to cater for 2-4 person dwelling.


There is a larger version.

The Joraform JK270 Compost Tumbler