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1. All Purpose Compost Maker

All Purpose Compost Maker

Speed up compost production with this unique liquid accelerator! Based on the microbes, enzymes and fungi essential to the composting process. The ideal accelerator for all types of general kitchen and garden waste, including weeds. 500ml bottle with measuring feature for 10ml per watering can of water. Treats up to the equivalent of 50 bin bags of waste.

  • Speed up compost production
  • Ideal for all types of general kitchen and garden waste, including weeds.
  • Treats up to the equivalent of 50 bin bags of waste

Price range: £10 – 15

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2. Leaf Sacks

Leaf Sacks

Turn fallen leaves into leaf mould, a source of rich nutrients for spring planting. The loose weave of these strong jute sacks makes composting really effective and they’re 100% biodegradable. Each sack measures 70 x 40cm and will hold a huge amount of leaves. Leaf mould is also a good seed compost base.

Price range: (pack of 3) £11+

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3. Brandling Worms for Compost

Brandling Worms for Compost

For starting a wormery or for your compost heap. No heap should be without it’s colony of worms to produce the best and fastest compost. Direct from the producer.

Available Pack Sizes:

  • 250 worms approximately
  • 500 worms approximately
  • 1000 worms approximately.

Packs contain mixed worms:

Lumbricus Rubellus Tiger Red Brandling

Delivered in cotton bag and cardboard box.

NB: Don’t order worms until your compost bin or wormery has enough rotten material for them to feed on.

When they arrive place them in your compost as soon as you can. Don’t leave them until tomorrow!

Price range: £13 – 35

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4. Earthworms


You can improve the quality of the soil in your garden by increasing the number of earthworms! To get the most from these worms prepare an area of your garden that will encourage them to stay and multiply. Cover a patch of ground with dead leaves or similar organic material. The earthworms will live underneath the organic material and pull it into the soil thus improving the soil structure.

Approximately 100 worms in a pack (mixed Dendrobaena worms), made up of different sizes and there may be some eggs.

Price range: £35 – 40

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