What is Rolypig?

Feeding Rolypig

Delivered assembled and ready to go! 

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Enjoy composting at Home or at School with the all-new Rolypig.

  • Don’t roll him over without keeping his head upright.
  • Don’t pull him around by his ears. (How would you like being pulled around by your ears?)
  • The Rolypig is only to be rolled when necessary (He’s NOT A TOY!)

   Look after your Rolypig and he will look after you.


If you’re wondering, the Rolypig’s head swivels so it’s always kept upright for feeding!

Making compost with the Rolypig
Feed the Rolypig – roll him – the head swivels, just pull it upright, but don’t pull him by the ears!

Extremely robust 4-5mm thick virgin plastic moulded construction. UV stabilised for very long life.

Compost from the Rolypig
Here’s where the compost comes out – so there’s a surprise!

Rolymole Wormeries are designed to require minimal attention. A simple flow-through to collect castings/worm compost from below.

How to set up a compost bin.

These are professional products designed to last indefinitely in normal use.

Full instructions and telephone assistance.

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School customers;  please send an email to info@rolypig.com (or Contact Form) with your order number and requirements.

Then we send your order by carrier and we email your VAT invoice for 30-day BACS payment.

Compost tumbler
Making compost the Rolypig way – efficient – effective – and a bit more fun!