What is Rolypig?

It’s a kitchen-waste compost tumbler!

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Feeding Rolypig


    • The Rolypig composter is a unique compost tumbler which receives kitchen waste at the mouth end. The compost is collected at the other end.
    • It’s an in-one-end and out-the-other system.
    • The Rolypig sits directly on the ground.
    • Regular rolling will move the composting material within, from the front to the back.
    • Roll in the direction of the arrows which are displayed at the front.
    • Its head swivels, you just pull it upright, don’t pull it by the ears!
    • You only need to remove compost, from the rear end, when the Rolypig is starting to become full and you need to make room for waste to go in at the mouth.
    • Optimum performance can be achieved if worms are added. You can either add worms or wait for them to just turn up from the ground; they will find their way in.
    • You never need to completely empty the Rolypig. Just allow the compost to keep working its way from the front to the back.

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Delivered assembled and ready to go!

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Things to watch out for:

  • Don’t roll him over without keeping his head upright.
  • Don’t pull him around by his ears. (How would you like being pulled around by your ears?)
  • The Rolypig is only to be rolled when necessary (He’s NOT A TOY!)

   Look after your Rolypig and he will look after you.

His head rotates to keep it upright

If you’re wondering, the Rolypig’s head swivels so it’s always kept upright for feeding!

Making compost with the Rolypig
Feed the Rolypig – roll him – the head swivels, just pull it upright, but don’t pull him by the ears!

Extremely robust 4-5mm thick virgin plastic moulded construction. UV stabilised for very long life.

Compost from the Rolypig
Here’s where the compost comes out – so there’s a surprise!



These are professional products designed to last indefinitely in normal use.


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Compost tumbler
Making compost the Rolypig way – efficient – effective – and a bit more fun!

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