How do you grow scallions indoors?

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How do you grow scallions indoors?

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The most effective way to grow scallions indoors is to start with fresh scallions that you can buy. These are scallions that you would normally eat but you’re going to keep them growing to grow more green shoots. Don’t allow these to become dry or limp. Plant them in a glass of water.

The water level needs to be high enough to cover the white bulb. After a few days you should see roots appear. Change the water regularly.

When enough of a root system is showing, you can then plant them in containers of soil and allow them to grow. You can grow scallions indoors or outdoors this way, from fresh scallions that have had the green tops removed. Make sure that you leave a generous amount of the white bulb-part so that new growth can happen.

Grow scallions indoors on pebbles and water

Some people have success with growing scallions indoors in a non-soil base. A vessel with pebbles in the base, covered in water, is enough to encourage the roots to grow and spread out. Make sure that the bulbs of scallions are immersed in enough water but don’t flood the bulb completely, leave the top half open to the air.

If you do this, you will need to get into a routine of changing the water every couple of days. If you don’t change the water, it will go green and stagnant.

The scallions will flourish into productive plants. In good growing conditions you can expect usable greenery to grow from a base stump held in water, after about a week. You need to place your water-based scallion-growing attempt near a sunny window to get as much sun-light as possible.

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Other ways to grow scallions indoors

If you want to grow scallions indoors or outdoors, there are other ways that you can do it. The first choice would be to buy some seedling scallions from a nursery. This is another simple way of growing anything. These will be plants that will be established enough to grow on.

The other option is to grow scallions from seeds. Use a potting compost, put the seeds at least ¼ inch down and cover with compost. Scallions can take a month to sprout as germination tends to be very slow. So, if you’ve decided to grow scallions indoors by the seeding method, you need to be patient. Keep the seedbed moist but don’t saturate. Don’t allow the seed bed to dry out because this will delay the germination process.

When they start to show as seedlings, leave them to grow in clumps if that’s how they come. When they are big enough to handle you can separate and space individual plants to have about 4-5inches between them.

When you grow scallions indoors you can expect fresh green shoots to appear quicker than if you grow them outdoors. The temperature will be at a constant high but you need to be aware when you attempt to grow scallions indoors that the room-air is likely to be drier. Any plants that are grown indoors will need watering more often.

Cut the tops of scallions or pull the whole plant


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Harvesting scallions

The best part about scallions is that you can either pull the whole plant and clean it up or just cut the green tops to allow more green shoots to emerge.

The top-cutting method will be best suited to growing scallions in just water. If you want to pull up the whole plant, you need to be ready to replant fresh, young seedling scallions to take their place.

Scallions grown in soil indoors can be harvested by either cutting the tops and allowing more shoots to grow or pull the whole plant. If cutting the tops is your thing, then you don’t need to worry too much if the scallions are growing closely together.

This will allow you to grow more scallions in a small container of soil. Scallions, by their nature, tend to grow in clumps. A thick growing mass of scallions will provide you with plenty of regrowth and plenty to harvest when you need it.

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The IDOO hydroponic system

The modern way to grow scallions indoors

There are devices that allow you to grow scallions indoors that make the process very easy. The two main ingredients needed for growing anything indoors is water and light.

Modern indoor-gardens provide enough of both. The light comes from an overhead bank of LEDs that will allow for plants to be grown in rooms where there is no sunlight available at all. The lighting is fully automated and can be adjusted to provide as many hours of light needed to compare with natural sunlight.

The water level is constantly monitored with indicators to show when attention is required. This allows for plants to grow to their optimum potential.

This type of system is ideal for growing many vegetable plants and, particularly, for anyone wanting to grow scallions indoors.

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 What’s the difference between scallions and Spring onions, Chives and Shallots

The difference between scallions and Spring onions is to do with when you pick or harvest them. Onions are called scallions when they are cut as young, green onions. When scallions are allowed to grow on, they form the bulbs of white onions with green tops. This is characteristic of Spring onions.

Then we have chives. Here again, it’s difficult to establish the difference between scallions and chives. It’s quite clear that both scallions and chives are from the same onion family but defining the point where a chive is a chive and a scallion is a scallion appears to be vague.

It all seems to come down to what the chef wants to call it when a bunch of green tops appear on the chopping board and he or she has a knife in the hand.

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