Where can I get an indoor garden?

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Where can I get an indoor garden?


You can get an indoor garden from Ebay . 

The IDOO hydroponic system

These days, when people look for an indoor garden, they have the chance to move away from traditional soil-based growing in pots and containers. Containers will always have a place. There are some plants that will always be suited to growing in soil indoors but they may not, and often don’t, get the amount of high quality light that they need.

Modern indoor gardens bring together all that’s basically known about hydroponics and combines it with a full requirement of light. This is supplied by a set of reasonably high-powered LED grow-lights that are arranged to deliver a constant dose of the specific colours from the full spectrum that plants need.

The spectrum that makes up white light combines every colour that you would see in a rainbow. There are two light-wave colours that are needed by plants. These are blue and red. Natural sunlight will provide enough of these two required light-waves.

When you get an indoor garden going, doing things the old way, in a window box, the plants are shut away from full, natural sunlight, most of the time, so growth performance is likely to be impaired.

So, where can I get an indoor garden?


There’s a wide range of models supplied by Ebay. They appear to be more readily available in the US but they are becoming available in the UK and Europe.

Where can I get an indoor garden?_02





Where can I get an indoor garden?_03


You can get an indoor garden from Ebay

12 Pods Hydroponics Growing System

These Indoor gardens don’t require soil, they are hydroponic (water-based). As the plant grows from the seed, the roots will find their way down through the biodegradable sponge plugs, into the water. This is where there is a considerable efficiency.

The water that the roots sit in has to be dosed with a sufficient amount of nutrient. 

Another use for an indoor garden of this type is to use it as a propagator. You can get blank seed plugs that have no seeds supplied with them and plant your own seeds. Go through the procedure of germination under strong artificial light and then the plug, with the young plant in it, can be removed and transplanted in soil. Either plant these in soil in an indoor garden or plant them outside.

If you’re serious about

growing vegetables indoors

you need to get an indoor garden

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